4th annual Heraclitean Fire Christmas stuffing post

Because arbitrary traditions are important at Christmas.

As usual, I made a base of sausagemeat, celery, onion and breadcrumbs, and also as usual half of it is chestnut stuffing. But this year’s second, ad-libbed recipe has toasted almonds and dried apricots and peaches soaked in amaretto.

Now I ought to get on with roasting the ham that has been simmering away the whole time. Happy midwinter festival, everyone.

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  1. Have yourself a very merry Christmas, Harry – best wishes and season’s greetings from across the pond.

  2. Cheers, Scotty, and happy Christmas.

  3. Hope it was a great Christmas for you. And have a Happy New Year.

  4. Thanks, Howard, and have a great new year.

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