all about me

To be more accurate: not very much about me. I’m Harry Rutherford.

I write poetry as a hobby – hence the blog and the wiki. I’m also a mod at PFFA.

Other interests that might surface while I blog are food and birding. Or, they might not – who knows what I’ll feel the need to mention.

Anyone who knows me may have read that tagline under the blog title (‘a person who delights in strife…’) and be worried that I’m suffering from a delusional self-image. Don’t worry. That meaning of ‘stormy petrel’ just came up in the crossword and I thought it was really nice, especially since the storm petrel is a fantastic bird. And since I’ve established a marine theme for my various sites, I chose it for my personal blog.

The picture of a petrel is used courtesy of Ash Midcalf at