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I’m in Tarifa. Tarifa is the southernmost point in Europe – or at least the point closest to Africa or something – which is why I’m here. Migration. Huge flocks of raptors flying across the straits on their way north. Theoretically. It’s also the kite-surfing capital of Europe, so if I suddenly get the urge to get a tattoo or a pair of baggy shorts, I’m in the right place.

The kite-surfing thing is because of the wind system created by the meeting of the Med and the Atlantic. So I may also end up a bit sand-blasted.

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I’ve been to Tarifa, my friend’s family owns a cattle ranch out there. It is the most beautiful place, especially when it’s clear enough to see Africa. It is also the reason that I am against wind turbines because someone told me that it killed thousands of migrating birds every year.
The kite surfing is amazing, they also do it in Poole near where I live, but it is rather more impressive when the waves are huge and the sun is shining.

The turbines do kill a lot of birds each year, I believe, but something like 6 million birds go through each spring, so as a proportion it’s less than it sounds.

I don’t know. Global warming isn’t a problem that lends itself to easy solutions.

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