New theme, again.

I expect you’ve noticed the site looks different. Unless you read it through an RSS reader, of course. Much as I like the scarab design, I think it’s a bad thing that the title is liable to get pushed off the bottom of the window on smaller screens and browsers with too many toolbars. That certainly happened in some of the internet cafes I visited in Spain. And I fancied a change.

As ever, if you prefer the old look, there’s a theme switcher in the sidebar. And I haven’t tested this theme on Windows (or very thoroughly on any browsers other than Safari) so if you think something is displaying wrong, let me know. The photo is by NaNoWriMo-ist, whalewatcher, playwright and candy blogger Cybele May.

5 replies on “New theme, again.”

Wow, thanks for the props!

All the layouts look great in Windows with Firefox, just in case you were wondering. I like the Swifts one too, actually.

Looks fine in both IE and Firefox — no problems either way that I could find.

It turned out to be broken in IE 5.2 for OS X (Microsoft have given up producing new versions of IE for the Mac), which must be about the least used browser in the world. Still, I suppose it might replicate the behaviour of one of the versions of IE/Win, and hopefully my fix won’t create any new problems.

Julie – nice, isn’t it.

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