Winter gloomth

I know I haven’t really done any proper blogging (i.e. not link lists) recently. I keep meaning to: I’ve nearly blogged about Fischli & Weiss; David Hockney portraits; London 2012; the cricket; Beau Brummell; saltimbocca, classic recipes and the faddishness of British food culture; and manufactured pop (and why it’s a good thing).

But I haven’t. Frankly I think the season is getting to me. You’d think after living all my life in the UK I’d be used to the fact that the days get shorter in winter, but it’s always a shock to the system. 5pm is not supposed to be night-time. It’s a pity that the cricket isn’t on terrestrial telly; then at least I could sit up at night getting some vicarious Australian sunshine. Thank heaven for Strictly Come Dancing. Music, bright lights, girls in spangly frocks and lots of energy: it’s perfect winter TV.

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