Exciting Bird News!

Admittedly, it’s not actually a very exciting bird, even for a birder, looking as it does rather like a drabber-than normal town pigeon. And due to poor light, streaky window glass and so on, it’s a rubbish photo:

But it’s a new species for the garden: Stock Dove, Columba oenas. I don’t really expect to see them in London, but I’ve noticed them getting a mention from time to time at Regent’s Park Birds, so I was slightly readier for it than I might have been. It’s possible that they pass through the garden occasionally and I usually assume they are normal pigeons; or perhaps they’re spreading into London; or perhaps it’s away from its normal wintering grounds because of the current cold snap. Who knows.

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Harry, hi, I was just wondering if you know (you are one of the few people I can think of who might) what the name of the disease is that makes pigeons heads turn around. I’ve only ever seen/heard of it in pigeons but it may affect other birds as well. My google-ing isn’t getting too far, search terms aren’t too helpful.


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