napowrimo 14: Μπορίς να φας τον καρπό;

Please use a new blade.
Shave it all off!
I need an adaptor plug.
Can I see it?
Do I need to pay upfront?
I have a doctor’s certificate for this medication.
I regretted it (lit: It came out of my nose.)
Where can we hire an uncrewed boat?
Please give me a slice.
I’ll recommend it to my friends.
I’m not happy with these photos.
I’d like to see the labyrinth.
Can I go in wearing these clothes?
I need a sick bag.
I’d like to introduce you to … (a woman).
I (don’t) like… billiards.
I’m a little sad.
Is this a protected species?
I’m high.
You look like someone I know. (to a woman)
Can I dance with you? sit here? take you home?
Do you want a massage?
Touch me here.
Don’t worry, I’ll do it myself.
It helps to have a sense of humour.
my baby, my darling, my doll, my hunk, my soul, my treasure, sweetheart
You’re just using me for sex.
I’ll keep in touch.
I (don’t) believe in… fate.
I’d rather not join in.
What’s in the collection?
Is it an original or a copy?
I can’t.
I have an injury.
Is there a women-only session?
Where are the good spots?
Can I rent a hat and boots?
I need my racket restrung.
Are there any rockfalls?
Where’s the nudist beach?
I’d like it hot please.
I’d like (a/the)… meal fit for a king.
I don’t want it… boiled, broiled, deep-fried, fried, grilled, mashed, reheated, steamed.
a shot of gin, rum, whisky, tequila, vodka.
The same again, please.
I feel fantastic!
I feel ill.
I’m lost.
Is that a UN zone?
Where’s the demarcation line?
I didn’t do it.
I’m sorry.
Can I have a lawyer (who speaks English)?
I need a doctor (who speaks English).
I’ve run out of my medication.
I have my own syringe.
My … is swollen.
It hurts when you touch it.


A found poem; although actually ‘poem’ might be a bit optimistic for this one. All lines nicked from the Lonely Planet Greek phrasebook.

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