Under construction

I’m in the process of changing stuff around on the site: you may encounter occasional weirdness.

EDIT: OK, the tweaking process is still going to be ongoing for a little longer and some things aren’t finished, but the new design is now basically live. This is more or less how I want it to look.

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Thanks! Praise from you is praise indeed. I was a little unsure about the floating menu because I think things that don’t scroll with the window can be a bit distracting, but I’ve got used to it now.

It inspired me to download the latest Sandbox for my own playing around. One question, though. Which version of WordPress are you using now? I still haven’t updated ALL my blogs to the 2.2 series, and now 2.3 loometh.

Also, I tried downloading the automatic updater for my testblog, and it’s all screwy. I’m sure I could unscrew it with patience and time, but those are luxuries I don’t seem to have …


I think Sandbox is brilliant because it’s just so flexible; I’m only using a fraction of the possibilities, but the beauty of it is that you [almost] never need to edit the actual php files when you want to change how the site looks. The CSS classes are there for when you need them.

This blog is on 2.2.2. I was waiting for 2.3 before going through with the redesign, but I got bored. I am still waiting for 2.3 before finalising my photo blog because I want to be using tags instead of categories from the start.

I haven’t tried the automatic updater, although the manual process always seems more stressful than it should be.

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