Links of the year 2007

After a quick and dirty winnowing-out, here are what might be the best of the links which I posted last year.

Arctic artefactsAttack of the GIANT NEGROES!!

Bait-Fishing CrowsBeautiful Specimensbird-eating batsBuilding Stonehenge

C19th London snail-gathererschilled bees & yellow rainChinese building blocksCollege RepublicansCormac McCarthy & the semi-colonCroatian bees sniff out landmines

Defiant Gardensdogs in elk

English Accents and Dialects

Faster speciation in the tropics?Fela Kuti documentaryFlags By ColoursFlight ExposureFossil Rivers

Galveston on Stilts

hamster-powered paper shredderhobo nickelsHothead: 1902how to camouflage a whole factoryhuman yellowhammer

Iggy Pop’s concert riderIntensified continuity revisited

Jamaican Label ArtJapanese Love HotelsJen Stark paper sculptures

Kyushu Medical Books

La Tonnara and the Chamber of DeathLarge ejaculate from a spiny genital organlook-a-like portraits

on the Heritability and Malleability of IQ

Pac-Man the text adventureParasite manipulates host’s sense of smellPhotosynth demopigeons alignerPlains Indian Ledger Artplaster casts of termite moundsPolk MillerPolynesian Stick Charts

Rafael Benitez The MagicianRIP Joe Engressia, the original Phone PhreakRoxanne Shante: Who need a royalty check?

Simon Norfolk photographsSome So-Called Out of Place Artifactsspiny anteater reveals bizarre penisstripper polaroidsSuper Mario levels that play themselves

Taliban portrait photosThamesmead, Riverside School, 76-78The Bhagavata PuranaThe Broken Column HouseThe Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier-BressonThe Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the WebThe flipping shipThe Visual Erotics of Mini-Marriagesthread in spiderwebsToutes les autos de TintinTypography and HMS Victory

X-rays of paintings


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