New new cat news

A second new cat, to keep Dolly company; introducing Oscar:


The company-keeping theory isn’t actually working very well at the moment — there’s a lot of hissing and growling going on — but hopefully they’ll get used to each other soon enough.

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Harry, sometimes I wish your comments box had a “like” option, as on facebook, so that I could stop by and tick it without having to think of something intelligent to say.

Anyway, handsome cat.

What a beautiful boy. Is he an Abyssinian?

It was an Abyssinian cat
And on a dulcimer he sat,
Singing of Mouse Abora.

Anyway, a very handsome fellow. I think it’s interesting that you, I, and Julie C have all acquired new cats.

He is an Abyssinian — a ‘blue’ one. Sadly the reason I’ve acquired two new cats is that I had two cats die this year, but it’s nice having young ones around the place.

I’m sorry. We’ve lost four cats over two years, so suddenly we have one we’ve only had a year and two kittens–an entire population of New Cats.