Napowrimo #30: Advice for mice

for mice.

If Lanius excubitor
(the Great Grey Shrike)
should happen to impale you on
a big sharp spike,

it’s really nothing personal:
it just intends to rip
some chunks of flesh from off your bones
and needs a better grip.

They call the shrike the butcher bird
and butchery is harder
if you do it without any knives
and a thornbush for a larder.


Singing Mice

This is a fabulous story, in the Guardian. Make sure you listen to the samples. The sound of singing mice doesn’t seem to freak out the cat, unlike slowed-down blackbird song. Via Metafilter.

[I couldn’t get that blackbird link to work today – I don’t know whether it’s just a problem with my connection or a problem with the website]