It’s stripey!

While idly googling something else, I came across the motherload of kitsch. I think this one takes some beating, but then there’s this one (note the title…) and this one and so on.

Kind of entertaining; kind of repulsive.

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  1. shadygrove

    Harry, I have a dial-up connection.

    I wasted several minutes of my life looking at that crap.

    By dawn’s early light indeed. And can I tell you, I’m reasonably certain that guy has never seen a pair of actual human tits in his entire life.

    Sheesh — stripey, repulsive, hilarious. Heh.

  2. Harry

    He’s certainly never seen a Japanese woman.

    I like my broadband – and not just for this tripe, either.

  3. shadygrove

    Ow, ow, ow! I burned my eyes! Holy giganto-grapefruits, Robin! Maybe his model was a Japaneserobot; I just know he’d go for her then.

  4. Harry

    What right-thinking, hot-blooded, sci-fi reading male wouldn’t want a sexbot, dammit?

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