War—hunh—Good God, y’all

We’ll soon know whether the ‘Ugly Rumours‘ version of War has made it into the UK charts. I’d be more sympathetic to the project if it wasn’t so closely linked with the all-conquering ego of greasy, self-serving media strumpet George Galloway. Anyway, here’s Edwin Starr:

EDIT: the new version went in at #21, which isn’t bad going, but not really high enough to make a big political point.

FURTHER EDIT: I decided not to clutter up the place by putting this in its own post. There’s no particular connection except it’s music on YouTube. This is Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who I just learned about today via this post over at Soul Sides.

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  1. Max

    There is one particular connection between Edwin Star’s War and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. In fact Sister Rosetta played a powerful interpretation of another pacifist anthem that’s the gospel song “Down by the Riverside” available here:

  2. Harry

    Fab, thanks for the link.

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