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Looking through one of those advertising-funded local newsletter things, I saw there was an ad for classes in the martial art of ‘sebek-kha’. Which I’d never heard of.

So I checked google and learned that it is an ancient Egyptian martial art, said to be founded by founded by Heru-Ur (Heracles), passed down over thousands of years by a secretive lineage of Egyptian priests, and now known only to a select few. Known only to one chap running classes in a church hall in Herne Hill, to be exact.

The whole thing has cheered me up immensely.

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  1. anne

    Anyone there? Harry? You OK? Missing your posts. There is so much difficult stuff going on at the moment. Horrible.

    But I would still value your thoughts on the Tate watercolours, the Watteau drawings, the latest Herzog, even Archipelago. To say nothing of the interactive political stuff, which is endless…

    That’s not to devalue the horrific. Some things must shine through the murk, and enlightenment is the main thing.

  2. anne

    Sorry, this is weird: when I posted the above, your later posts didn’t show. That’s Go
    ogle chrome for you!

  3. Harry

    Don’t know what’s going on with the posts not showing up… Probably some problem with the caching software. ho hum.

    I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the Joan Miro and am interested to visit the watercolours, but my Tate membership is a gift from my mother on the implied understanding that I take her to the exhibitions as my guest, and she’s been a bit busy. And I will definitely go to the Herzog cave movie.

    As for the politics… lordy, where to start.

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