foxy stuff, again

more on foxes as symbols of… something

There are of course many London subcultures which are not very visible, not because they are marginalised, but because they are outnumbered – pearly kings, City guilds, Morris dancers, punks, model plane enthusiasts. Are they less interesting?

As night falls, London fills with foxes

shadows in the yellow darkness

slip away.

trot, nose down.

pause (still, frozen, something) and look at you

And of course marginality isn’t simply ethnic etc – West Indians, Bangladeshis, Turks are clearly recognised as part of the London scene; but not so much Somalis, Poles etc.

Oddness which *isn’t* tied to ethnicity, sexuality, religion etc might be more interesting.


The sex trade is marginalised (and indeed nocturnal, to some extent) though it must be as big a part of the London economy as fish and chips.

Perhaps something less literal – philosophicopsychological, f’rinstance. Or more spatially driven.