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Intelligent Design

God Chimes in on Intelligent Design. Creationism seems like such a soft target. It scares me silly that anyone takes it seriously.

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We need more poems about Intelligent Design and the Intelligent Designer! No poet should miss this “God”-given opportunity to make profound statements and at the same time ridicule their chosen opposition. The ID theory won’t be around forever.

I forgot you just posted a poem on the subject. I have considered writing a poem on it, because it is something that I’m very interested in. In the meantime, here’s two ditties I made earlier:

Intelligent Design

He designed us an appendix
‘cos he knew it would delight us
to have the opportunity
to get appendicitis.


Oh nothing could be finer
than to be in Carolina
where everyone’s the work
of an intelligent designer


That second one would be better if ‘Kansas’ rhymed with ‘designer’, but never mind.

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