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hair and stuffing

I went to get my hair cut today, and the barbress said “Your hair’s nice and shiny – you obviously don’t smoke.” She’s right, I don’t, but I’m surprised she could tell by looking at my hair. The conversation turned to a documentary on TV last night that followed various taxidermists in their preparations for what they all called ‘the World Show’ and thus, inevitably, to Jeremy Bentham.

Dead Bentham

The head at the top of the picture is a wax replica, because the real head was damaged in the preservation process. In this picture the real head can be seen between his legs, but apparently it has since been put into storage as it used to be a target for student pranks.

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Couldn’t help but leave a note when I saw that picture of Jeremy Bentham! Brings back fond memories of university days in London. He was the stuff(ing) (sorry!) of UCL urban legend – one story I particularly liked had it that the college board of directors (or board of *something*) always left an empty seat for him at their annual general meetings.

The head looks really disturbing though…

:) Rui (from PFFA)

Hi Rui.

I’ve never actually seen Jezza in the flesh (or the wax). I can’t decide whether having yourself stuffed and displayed demonstrates willingness to laugh at yourself or a rampaging ego. Or both.

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