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The Golden Ticket

At the start of the summer, it was uncertain whether this would be a very useful object:

Oval ticket

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Oh, you’re kidding, did you see it? Were you in that great pic when Giles took that catch – I guess that was Sunday. I’ve just returned to blogland, the Ashes and school returning kept me away from the bloglines subs. Cool that you had tix, though. Shame about the cock-up (I’m deploying the Anglicism correctly there, right?) at the end w/ the light. But no matter. It was a classy touch – a reminder of England’s attitude all summer – that the women’s team was honored as well. Another great pic off cricinfo has both teams coming off the field after group pics the next morning – all the men look nice in ties but they’re all wearing sunglasses (there were good amounts of Vaughany and Freddie passed-out pics). Way, way in the back, surrounded by the women’s team, Harmy’s walking along, tie undone, shirt untucked, stubble – you can’t see his face at all but you know it’s Harmy. Despite Hoggy’s just-escaped-from-Slade-tribute-band look and vice-dorks Tres and Giles, England strike me as a really *cool* team. I always thought MV had style, but the bus trip, they looked really pretty slick. ‘Cept Bell, maybe…

It was great. Very tense at about midday, then an afternoon of gradually releasing tension and an increasingly cheerful crowd. I have to admit, when it got to Collingwood and Pietersen at the crease, I thought “Oh lord, two flaky batsman when what we need is someone to bat all afternoon.” For which I can only apologise to KP for doubting him.

One of his sixes came over in our direction, but actually my favourite moment was Giles hooking a McGrath bouncer for four. What a time for him to get his highest test score.

It’s been pretty much a perfect series. It reminds me a bit of Man U’s treble-winning season – everything done in the most melodramatic way possible.

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