‘kalybapita’ is my attempt to translate ‘cottage pie’ into Greek with the help of this English-Greek dictionary. It’s probably wrong. A recipe:

Chop and sweat down a couple of onions, a leek, three sticks of celery, a bulb of fennel and three cloves of garlic. Brown two pounds of minced beef and add to the pan of vegetables. Deglaze with red wine and add that to the pan as well, along with half a pint of fresh beef stock. Add salt, pepper, lots of fresh thyme and rosemary, a squirt of tomato puree, some Worcestershire sauce, and a little West Indian chilli sauce; simmer for an hour or so.

At the same time, thinly slice a couple of aubergines, sprinkle with salt and leave for half an hour. Dry the slices and fry or grill them. Also, make enough mashed potato to cover the top of the whole thing, with lots of cheese and butter in the mash.

Layer up, in a big dish, some meat sauce, then the aubergines, then more meat, then the potato. Put in a 220C oven until bubbling and brown. It’s a kind of moussaka/cottage pie compromise, but none the worse for that.

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