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Google have just launched a free web-traffic analysis service which looks pretty damn good. At the moment, they seem to be struggling under the weight of people joining up, so it hasn’t recognised my site yet. Presumably they’ll get it sorted soon enough. I don’t quite see how they’re going to make money at it, though; it’s only free up to 5 million hits a month, but that’s *a lot* – about 800 times more traffic than this site gets, for example. Even if you go over that, you only need to make a $5 deposit and open a Google Adwords account to get unlimited stats. Mind you, given the sheer staggering oomph of computer power Google must have, perhaps the extra processing is fairly trivial.

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Hmm. It was working for a bit, but now it’s redirecting me to the main Google page when I log in. Since it’s free and I only joined out of curiosity, none of this is a problem for me, but it’s less than slick.

Apart from anything else, couldn’t Google have at least provided an error message (“Sorry, due to the unexpectedly high levels of demand, this service will be unavailable until we get our shit together”) instead of just bouncing me to the search page without comment?

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