Overheard in New York

Overheard in New York is always worth a look. Some recent faves:

Teen boy #1: So the other day I was watching TV and I said out loud, “Fuck, I wish I didn’t just eat all those Doritos.” And then I was like, “Wait, I didn’t just eat any Doritos.” And now I’m like, “Maybe I had one wish and I blew it on Doritos.” You know?

Teen boy #2: Damn, dawg. That sucks.

Girl: I mean, I was rivaling Mary Tyler Moore in her peak for cuteness, and he didn’t even look at me.

Guy: I would totally freeze-frame you, if it’s any consolation.

– Washington Square Park

Queer: I didn’t go to the Roxy on Saturday night; that’s way too many gays in one space. Plus I heard the disco balls were falling on people’s heads.

– Silver Building, Waverly Place

The only London version I know of, Tube Gossip, is less consistently amusing, which is a blow to local pride. Overheard Lines looks to have some good ones. Oh, and I’ve just realised that OiNY has a partner, Overheard in the Office.

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