Cult of Brasil

I wish the BBC commentators wouldn’t be quite so uncritically fanboy when they talk about Brazil. Yes, they have produced some brilliant players; yes, Ronaldinho is the world’s best player at the moment; yes the current squad is extremely talented and deservedly favourites to win the tournament. But they aren’t superhuman. Today, they looked pretty ordinary, and if the commentators had stopped drooling long enough to actually watch the game, they would have noticed that much sooner.

No wonder England looked so intimidated by them in 2002 – all the players have been brought up on a diet of pro-Brazilian propaganda that even Nike’s marketing department would be hard-pressed to equal.

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Didn’t he announce just before a crucial Champion’s League game this season that he didn’t really feel happy at Real Madrid because the fans didn’t love him enough? I get the feeling he’s not a very happy bunny at the moment.

I think the lowest point in the commentary so far is the commentators finding it terribly amusing that one of the Japanese players was called ‘Fukunishi’. I mean even by schoolboy humour standards that’s just pathetic.

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