Wasp nest

The plumbers found an old wasp nest in the attic. Wimbledon has had its usual effect on the weather, so the light isn’t great for photograpy, but during a break in the rain I tried taking a few pictures. The whole thing’s about 2 foot across. Here’s a close-up:

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Hey Sherry, jr. I don’t know why they come in banded colours like that. I think they make the paper by chewing up wood, so perhaps it just depends what they’ve been eating.

Over here, the only wasps nest I’ve ever seen are just a dull, uniform gray (or grey). The notion of wasps with a sense of color is fascinating. Little Kandinsky wasps, eh?

Perhaps if you left some bits of wood dyed a selection of different colours near the nest, they’d make candy-striped nests.

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