Bleep music store

There’s a lot to like about Bleep: high bit-rate non-DRMed mp3s, the ability to listen to the whole track online before buying (it automatically pauses after thirty seconds and you have to start it again, but I’ve found that if you open another tab in the same window and have that tab at the front, it just keeps playing), and the neato little customisable music players you can insert in your own site, like this:

or like this:

Yes, I know, by putting in the players I’m just providing them with free advertising, but I still think it’s quite cool.

But how the hell are you supposed to find music you like if you don’t already know what you’re looking for? There are no genre listings (admittedly, there is a rather limited range of genres they sell, but any kind of hint would help), no ‘people who bought this also bought…’, no idea of where to start other than to poke around at random and see what you find.

I guess I’m just not hip enough to be their customer.

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