Well, here I am, back in Quito from the couldforest.I managed not to get robbed this time. I have all sorts of no-doubt fascinating thoughts about cloudforests but I think I might be too tired to share them. Plus for some reason the text I’m now typing is appearing very very tiny and I’m not sure I can be bothered to work out how to fix it. And it hurts my eyes trying to read it. On the other hand I don’t have anything else to do tonight, so I might be back later.

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I think it would take more than streetwisdom to deal with ten masked men with rifles. But anyway, it’s all OK now.

oh yes, you have a point. ummm can I ask you something acadamic wise though,and it has nothing to do with my previous comment

great! I don’t know if your intrested in poetry but can you help me out with a scansion? if that is possible

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