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Fascinating article on the Bible, Harry. It’s quite a business. It’s a bit like the mobile phone industry. Somehow it adds just enough features to sell the new phones to people who already have one, or even several. It’s the same with Bibles.

Interesting, isn’t it. This bit reminded me of the question I was mulling over the other day about how to perform Shakespeare:

The problem, as she sees it, is that “instead of demanding that the believer, the reader, the seeker step out from the culture and become more Christian, more enclosed within ecclesial definition, we’re saying, ‘You stay in the culture and we’ll come to you.’ And, therefore, how are we going to separate out the culturally transient and trashy from the eternal?”

Although of course, even for the most serious Shakespearean scholar, translation issues don’t have quite the same urgency they have for theologians. I seem to remember that Tyndale’s bible was regarded as heretical mainly for just three words: ‘congregation’ in place of ‘church’, ‘love’ in place of ‘charity’, and a third I can’t remember.

Ever since reading a biography of Tyndale I’ve felt it’s sad that a genius of a translator who had the more influence than any other writer on the English language [except maybe Shakespeare] should be so little appreciated, but I guess he’d be more worried about the theology anyway. And I don’t suppose he’d feel we’ve made progress in 470 years since he was burnt.


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