upgrade trauma

I just upgraded my version of WordPress, and it seems to have screwed everything up.

Hopefully I’ll have it sorted out sooner rather than later, but bear with me.

EDIT: well, it’s getting a bit better, but after a sequence of painless upgrades, this one is doing my head in.

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To be fair, I think that much of the trauma was self-inflicted – I failed to copy a couple of the key files across.

I mainly upgraded for the ‘Autosave’ feature’ and the editor that allows you to tab between a visual editor and the html. In the event the new visual editor still doesn’t work with Safari’s dodgy java implementation; the Autosave might yet be a life-saver. We’ll see.

Only one of my plugins seems to be broken, although the upgrade has done something slightly odd to some of my formatting.

Agh! I think I’ll only be upgrading on my test blog for now.

Are you saying that the best thing to do is upload everything rather than picking and choosing? And which plugin is broken, and what’s up with formatting?

What happened was that I deleted all the relevant files from the old installation, carefully leaving the ones I’d edited – particularly the themes and plugins – and then when I copied across the new files I accidentally missed a couple. It actually got my account with my hosting company closed down for a bit because it was stuck in some kind of vicious loop and was hammering their servers. Fortunately the nice people at Nethosted had someone on maintenance in the middle of the night who worked out the problem, downloaded the appropriate file from WordPress and put it where it needed to be.

The plugin which didn’t work is one designed to make it easier to display to category list the way you want it (I wanted to only display the parent categories); apparently they’ve changed the code for listing categories in WP2.1. I found a work-around for that although it’s not ideal.

My daily links posts suddenly developed extra white space; I think it started automatically inserting some paragraph tags where it hadn’t before. So that was just a matter of tweaking the CSS.

So it wasn’t the end of the world. Whether there’s actually any advantage to upgrading is another matter.

Ah. That’s because I’m just using CSS to hide the child categories and it has a separate CSS file.

I really ought to go over all the old themes checking whether everything is still working from time to time if I’m going to provide a theme switcher, but I tend to just forget about them. It should be OK now.

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