Sexy CSS

And no, I’m not referring to Cansei der Ser Sexy. I’m referring to the ingenious way I hacked a WordPress plugin and then did some CSS wizardry to make it display the way I wanted, so that, for a short time only, you can see my Archives By Date the way I want them.

Only slight drawback: they look crap in IE 5.2 for Macintosh (but really, who uses that?) and they also don’t work in Opera. In fact in some circumstances they make it crash, which I find deeply mysterious. Still, this is what they look like for the moment:

What’s so good about that, you ask? Well, without using a table, I have the dates flush right and the post titles flush left, so there’s an even space between the two.

However… I may not care about IE for Mac, but Opera is a proper, current browser (and I haven’t even tested it on IE for Windows). So tomorrow, probably, I’ll change it back. Ho-hum.

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Nice one, Harry,

you obviously have some code-savviness about you, eh? I’m still a dweeb/nerd/geek/newbie in that department although I’m learning slowly as I go (a bit like poetry, hehe)

Oh, well, this is the seventh? eighth? design I’ve come up with for this blog, as well as various side projects. So I’m gradually picking up the tricks as I go, and I’m now pretty comfortable with simple CSS. And while I can’t actually do anything useful with php, I’m getting more blasĂ© about rummaging in other people’s code to try to tweak it in very simple ways.

The particular trick I’ve used here is a bit peculiar and I had no great certainty that it would work. But since it does work on the other browsers, the particular way it’s breaking in Opera is really peculiar.

Well, I made a sensible change to simplify the CSS, and now Opera seems to be coping properly. So that’s a relief.

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