Oh crap.

I just got around to testing the new design on Internet Explorer via browsershots, and what do you know, it’s completely fucked up. And for most versions of IE I got an error message; I don’t know what that’s about.

It’s so bloody irritating; why can’t all the various browsers agree on how to render simple CSS? And of course it’s not very convenient for me to try and fix the problem without access to a Windows machine.

Anyway, if you’re looking at the site on Internet Explorer and it looks kind of broken: sorry. I’ll try and fix it.

grumble grumble.

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Thanks. Sadly, I have still have lots of visitors using Internet Explorer. It’s only 52% of people this month, so the proportion is down from what it used to be, but still.

It’s so irritating, though; I test everything in Firefox, Safari and Opera, and they all look the same as each other, and it’s only bloody Microsoft’s crappy browser that screws it all up for mysterious reasons of its own. IN this case, IE7 seems to have found a stupid way to cock everything up which IE6 actually got right.

And I’ve discovered that IE6 doesn’t support position:fixed, so I guess my floating menu will have to go. So frustrating.

Thanks Rik, but it looks like that only works with Intel-based Macs. Which mine isn’t. Ho-hum.

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