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Could anyone with copies of IE7 and/or IE6 please check to see whether something is working?

The menu on the right is supposed to move up and down as you scroll the window. If I’ve done it right, it should still look the same in Firefox, Opera etc; but in Internet Explorer, it should start in the same position but not move when you scroll the window.

Thanks in advance.

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The menu on the right stays in the fixed position in IE7; the difference is that it’s on the far side of the red line.

The thing i don’t like about IE is the way it bolds fonds. At least this sans-serif doesn’t look as bad as the Georgia I use at VN! Also, IE switches the position of type and image in my blog title, hiding the lower third of the “g” in “negativa.” The only thing that improved with IE7 was the thickness and position of the line around my main text column, which now more closely resembles Firefox and Opera. Considering the importance of your container-line here, I hesitate to suggest testing this in IE6!

Oh well, at least the hack is working to show some code to IE that the other browsers can’t see. Now it’s just trial and error to work out where it’s measuring the positioning from, which I can do, if painfully slowly, via browsershots. What larks.

I don’t suppose the current version has worked?

What menu on the right? I may be completely insane, but viewing you from IE6 I don’t see anything but your posts in the center of the page, inside the red borders, and at the very bottom right inside the red border links (home, about, books, gallery, links, archives). What am I missing? And why?

The links are what I mean by the menu, and they’re supposed to be scrolling up and down with the window. Which is working in Safari, Opera and Firefox, at least on the Mac. But IE6 can’t do the scrolling, and has them in the wrong place; IE7 can do the scrolling but also has them in the wrong place for some mysterious reason.

Sorry, that’s probably what I mean.

I tend to think of the webpage as, well, a page. Everything is normally stationary relative to the webpage, and so I think of the menu as moving. But of course it’s fixed relative to the browser window.

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