Not a very good picture, not least because they’re all camouflaged, but look at all the ring-necked parakeets in the garden:

Ring-Necked Parakeets

I think there are ten in the picture, though some of them are rather hidden. Attractive birds, even if they are noisy little buggers.

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What part of London are you in again? Because this photo makes me as jealous as all hell! (Though the survival rate of parakeets in Hackney would probably be quite low – the local cats pack plenty of attitude).

I’m in Dulwich; they’ve only been turning up around here for two or three years. My sister used to see them in Putney a few years before that. They seem to be fairly suburban at the moment, but I believe the numbers are increasing rapidly so it may not be long before they spread further into the city.

There’s a winter roost in the trees at Esher Rugby Club where they’ve counted 7000 birds, apparently.

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