Hay fever and climate change

Last year on 28th February I wrote this:

Last year it wasn’t until March 12th that I complained about hay fever. Nearly two weeks earlier, this year.

Well, it’s only the 9th, and my eyes have been painfully sore for days. Because of these little buggers I took a picture of yesterday:


It’s not really fair to make year-on-year comparisons, because I haven’t consistently blogged at the first sign of any symptoms. But I’ve been getting hayfever for about 15 years now, and this is ludicrously early. I think of it as starting in March; this year the first itchiness at the back of my throat was at the end of January.

So I was interested to see this article. Basically the guys at Kew Gardens are making the same observation. They link it to climate change, and it certainly feels like yet another warning, along with the ibises and egrets and spoonbills, that climate change is happening right now and it’s not only affecting glaciers in Greenland.

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It’s certainly a bit tiresome that for me, the hay-fever season now runs from February to October. Fortunately it gets less acute later in the year; the early spring has always been the worst time of year for me.

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