Napowrimo #10: The Garden Bear

There’s a bear at the end of the garden.
I don’t know why she’s there;
she just turned up one afternoon
and dug herself a lair.

She tends to squash the plants
but I’m glad to have a creature
who’s so majestic when she’s splashing
in the water feature.

I don’t see her in winter;
she curls up in her den
and hibernates till daffodils
are back in bloom again,

but when I take potato peelings
to the compost heap
I sometimes hear her snoring
or roaring in her sleep.


Originally I had ‘talking in her sleep’, but I didn’t want to anthropomorphise the bear too much. ‘Roaring’ is a bit odd, though, maybe. Mumbling? Whimpering? Growling?

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That’s an absolutely genius suggestion which I will almost certainly use.

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