Links of the year 2009

A (not very methodical) selection of the best links I posted over the past year. The ones picked out in green were those which struck me as especially memorable when I looked back.

Andy Goldsworthy // Better planning for healthcare — British foods — British wrestling posters // Cardiff at night — Colour-coded children — Composite photos of New York // Dolphins and bubbles // Endurance cycling — Europa — Evolving blackcaps // Football fans without a team // Ghanaian film poster paintings — Glass microbiology // Ham radio cards — Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3-D // LEGO Pop-up Kinkaku-ji — Living root bridges // Martian Dust Devil Trails — Masal Bugduv // Night skatersNon-porn porn — Notgeld // Peculiar book covers — Peculiar book covers, again — Photosketch — Playground rhymes // Rigging an internet poll // Sand animation — Solitary confinement — Stickney Crater // Teddy bear typologies — Toilet-roll face sculptures // Weaving spider silk // X-ray speech

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