Harry’s advent calendar of paintings, day 1: Vlaminck

I enjoyed doing an advent calendar of birds last year, and I could easily have done the same again: I can talk about birds pretty much endlessly.

But I thought I’d make a change, and after considering animals, plants, buildings, or even recipes (which would be quite a nice idea but would require slightly more forward planning, at least if I was going to post pictures with them) I decided to keep it fairly simple and go for paintings.

So here’s the first one, in honour of the weather here in London: Snow Storm by Maurice de Vlaminck. Which I found simply by searching for ‘snow’ on a museum website. It’s worth viewing slightly larger so you can really see the textures of the paint.

I haven’t planned ahead at all, so I don’t know what else will turn up. I have my fair share of biases: there will almost certainly be some Rembrandt at some point, and there are very unlikely to be any Pre-Raphaelites… but who knows where the fancy will take me.

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