Christmas biscuits*

I did some baking yesterday.

There’s nothing especially Christmassy about the recipes themselves — ginger biscuits with candied peel and chocolate chip oat cookies — but I did make them sparkly.

It’s quite hard to photograph the glitter. It’s actually holographic rainbow sparkles, but in photographs it just looks silver.

* Note for Americans: not those kind of biscuits, obvs.

4 replies on “Christmas biscuits*”

It is true, I saw your facebook note about Christmas biscuits and thought “Why the hell would someone bake biscuits just for Christmas? Maybe to go with the ham?”
Then I came to my senses. And I think the glitter looks quite rainbow-y on the ginger/orange things, whatever they are.

On the linguistic point, notice that just to add to the confusion, we have adopted the word cookie — we just use it in a narrower sense to mean a chewy kind of biscuit which probably has chocolate chips in it. Whereas I would never use ‘cookie’ to refer to ginger nuts or digestives or chocolate bourbons or garibaldis.

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