Spring update: toadspawn edition

This is what toadspawn looks like, if you’re wondering:

i.e. formed into long strings which are wrapped around plants or, as in this case, the pump for the fountain.

2 replies on “Spring update: toadspawn edition”

Unusual spring photos, Harry. I learned in primary school science that frogspawn clusters whereas toadspawn forms a string, but I had not seen either until now. The problem with a bookish education.

I like toads. They always seem admirably phlegmatic, although I’m sure it’s just an illusion created by the shape of their heads and the way they move.

We used to have loads of frogs and it was a rare event to find an occasional toad, but for some reason a couple of years ago the numbers seemed to switch around. I don’t think I’d seen toad spawn until then; because it’s generally underwater it’s not as obvious as frogspawn.

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