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Sad cat news

The vet came round to put down one of the cats yesterday. Posy big green eyes and the softest fur of any cat I’ve ever met, and huge scary claws that she only ever stuck into human flesh accidentally. She had a tiny voice, not so much a meow as a mi. She didn’t show any […]

Posy in the wastepaper basket

Posy obviously aspires to being a lolcat. » Posy in the wastepaper basket, posted to Flickr by me.

All the better to eat you with

If you particularly want to see this bigger, I’ve posted it to Flickr.

New camera, same old clichés

I’ve got a new camera, so I thought I’d celebrate it in the approved internet fashion: catblogging. You can click through to Flickr to see larger versions. This is Boris: And this is Posy, who is a difficult cat to photograph, because she’s so black and shiny: