Not a very good picture, not least because they’re all camouflaged, but look at all the ring-necked parakeets in the garden:

Ring-Necked Parakeets

I think there are ten in the picture, though some of them are rather hidden. Attractive birds, even if they are noisy little buggers.

scrabble scrabble scrabble

There’s something alive in the chimney. Which is mildly creepy. I just hope to god it manages not to die up there. On the subject of which:

Q. What goes ‘shriek shriek bonk’?
A. A parakeet flying into a window pane.

Which I heard happen yesterday, but as there wasn’t a stunned parakeet lying outside the house afterwards I assume it managed to escape without too much more than a headache to show for it.

Digiscoping parakeets

The parakeets only reached this part of London about three years ago, but now we have flocks of them every day; there are often seven or eight on the feeders and more in the surrounding trees. They’re attractive and full of character, but as ever with foreign species you worry about their impact on the native birds; they must be competing for nest-sites if nothing else.