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Yet another quick sonnet

I don’t know why I’m posting these really. Certainly not because I claim any merit for them. Still, as with NaPoWriMo, the exercise of writing to a time limit is quite interesting, I think. The need to get something written makes you work with material that, rightly or not, you would normally have rejected out […]

Another quick sonnet

Down to 12 minutes, this time. They sing of eels; the fishmongers trill their local songs and try to drown the spiels of sellers of deceptive pongs. The three-card trickers hope to draw the punters from the stall that sells the polyester knickers; and little acned Tom with his knock-off Louis Vuitton hopes to get […]

Quick (ish) sonnet

This was my go at Rob’s quick sonnet challenge. In the event it took me about 26 minutes, which isn’t very good considering that the the classic challenge is 15 minutes. The hiss of pebbles on a shingled beach, the stranded bladderwrack, the grey sea-holly, hard against the spray, the oystercatchers calling each to each. […]