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Thesaurian spam

The spam filter caught this reply to my post with the title ‘The stupidity of big books (and the joy of cheap paperbacks)‘: wooow, take a fancy to your things concerning Heraclitean The stake ยป The vapidness of swollen books (and the felicity of of small account paperbacks Yup, the spambot has just run the […]

Hot trends in spam

It is fascinating to see the evolving ways in which spambots try to fool us into thinking they are real people. It’s like a very narrow version of the Turing Test. In response to a birdy post which mentioned, among other things, ring-necked duck, someone submitted this almost-relevant piece of commentary: Like the scaups she […]

comment spam

The first comment waiting in my spam filter just now reads “May I borrow some articles from your site? Who should I contact?” And just for a moment I thought it might be a genuine comment which had been mistakenly identified as junk, even though it was apparently posted by someone called ‘daivaufeijau’. Then I […]

Spam email header of the day

Picasso blog hardly Louvre with honourable mentions to: Your future, methylene iodide Order status, parrot-red Better Success, wild-goose plum Your money, mole drainage Future, worm snake Hi, Mid-siberian