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The Thames path, London Bridge to Westminster

A fairly short chunk of the path; I was intending to go a bit further, but the sun went in and I wasn’t really enjoying it much so I hopped on the tube at Westminster. Still, if you use one of the traditional definitions of a city—a town with a cathedral—this section includes the three […]


There’s a berry-covered tree over the road from the house—some kind of cotoneaster?—and at the moment there’s an almost constant stream of redwings going back and forth from it. The redwing is a smallish thrush with a marked white eyebrow stripe and a brick-red underwing. I’m always pleased to see them, not least because they’re […]

Winter gloomth

I know I haven’t really done any proper blogging (i.e. not link lists) recently. I keep meaning to: I’ve nearly blogged about Fischli & Weiss; David Hockney portraits; London 2012; the cricket; Beau Brummell; saltimbocca, classic recipes and the faddishness of British food culture; and manufactured pop (and why it’s a good thing). But I […]