Search engine robots

In the seven days this domain has been in existence, it has been visited by the robots/spiders of search engines 745 times – mainly Google and Inktomi (which I think may be Yahoo). I find that extraordinary. But then Google is pretty damn miraculous anyway. Paul Simon was right – these are the days of miracle and wonder.

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I know this stuff is of no interest to anyone except me, but fwiw, I’ve just had my first visitor via a search-engine (not including technorati and feedster). The search was ‘tamarind and saffron claudia roden’. Well, unknown searchy-person, I can thoroughly recommend that book, although Roden’s The Book of Jewish Food is even more interesting. And probably has more Middle Eastern and North African recipes.

A new search:

afro caribbean cartoon pictures

Sadly for searchy-person no. 2, the words just all happened to be on the front page at the same time.

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