I went to Abeno for lunch, near the British Museum. It claims to be the only specialist okonomiyaki restaurant in Europe. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese omelette-y thing that is cooked in front of you on a hot-plate at the table. I had one with pork and kimchee (spicy Korean fermented cabbage), which was topped with dried bonito flakes. It was nice, though not as good as the rice dish I ordered – rice with green tea poured over it and dressed with nori. Yum. And then I had that flaked ice dessert the Japanese do – in maccha flavour (i.e. the powdered tea used for the tea ceremony).

I recommend it if you’re going to the BM.

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Nope. Hampstead’s rather off my beat, living south of the river. Having googled it, it sounds worth a visit, though.

It’s good, or at least it was – haven’t been there in years. “Intimate” I think is the word for the crowded setting, but I liked that it was so different from the conveyor-belt sushi places that were popping up like Starbuckses all over the place. ‘Course, I’d kill for one now…you can sit at the bar if you go and watch the cooking go down. Liberal use of shiso. Really worth it if you find yourself wandering around up there.

Fab. I love Japanese food. Even with all things Japanese being trendy recently, it seems like the great under-represented cuisine in London. Surely there could be a noodle shop on every high street.

Hi Daniel.

I don’t think I’m going to be in Amsterdam soon, but if I am I’ll check it out.

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