Grayson Perry

I’ve been very much enjoying Grayson Perry’s articles in the Times. Perry is the artist who won the Turner Prize in 2003 for his subversive/satirical ceramics and is probably best known for collecting the prize dressed as a small girl. [BBC, Tate] Anyway, the latest article is here.

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Grayson Perry is very much his own man. Grayson Perry?s work unsettles the contemporary art world. It is not simply because he chose to accept the Turner Prize 2003 in the persona of his alter-ego ‘Claire’, dressed in the latest of his art ‘coming out’ frocks in mauve satin, exquisitely embroidered with rabbits, roses, hearts, and the words ‘sissy’ and ‘Claire’, and teamed with white ankle-socks and red patent-leather Mary-Jane shoes. Although, as Perry himself is quick to point out, the ‘tranny’ (which is how he refers to himself) does have a remarkable capacity to provoke anxiety. That, he explains, is some combination of disappointment and unease at the fragility of the illusion.

Do you really think the contemporary art world is so easily unsettled? Perhaps you’re right. Anyway, I’m a fan of his writing and I’m intending to read his memoir. I quite like the pots, too.

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