You can tell I have something I should be doing

A new logo for Will:

Just playing around.

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Cheers Harry! Very good of you. I’m absolutely shocking at design etc – I know what I like, but am hopeless at doing anything about it. Let’s talk, if you’re keen on doing a re-design (but I’m sure you have more important, fun, better things to do!)

I actually don’t have the technical or design expertise to do it, sadly. I enjoy playing with this stuff, and I find the whole subject of web design interesting, but that’s about as far as it goes.

I suspect that if you don’t want it to look too much like all the other blogs in existence, a major part of it is to break up the boxy look that simple header-and-two-column or three-column layouts produce. Obviously there’s a limit to how much you can move away from the formula if you want to find room for a blogroll, category list, ads, or all the other things that blogs have associated with them, but you can make it look less like that.

It might be a good idea to start looking around for examples of the kind of design that appeals to you. Not just around the net, but in other media – magazines, books, posters, flyers, or whatever. That would give you a starting point.

The other thing I’d suggest is that you avoid the name ‘The blog formerly known as the Corridor of Uncertainty’, because apart from the fact it may not get you away from your copyright problems, it’s too long and a typographical nightmare. Something short like ‘Cow Corner’ ‘Clean Bowled’ or ‘Six and Out’ gives more scope for design.

It’s an interesting project.

Indeed, and I agree about the length of the new name. I may not need to rename it after all, but am still in negotiations. I’ve contacted a designer who I’m hoping will work gratis, on the basis I’ll promote his work! Unlikely but worth a shot….

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