日本語 and all that jazz

I’ve just been learning about the internationalisation features in OS X. Which are cool. Since I can’t actually read and write Chinese or Tamil or Cherokee, I don’t have much use for them, but it’s nice that they’re integrated into the system. I guess I might occasionally use it for typing out bits of Anglo-Saxon – the Mac OS was never very good at handling þ and ð and ȝ, but now it’s been made fairly easy. Look, π in Gujarati: ૩.૧૪૧૫૯૨૬૫૩૫૮૯૭૯ (etc)

The only annoyance is that I don’t seem to be able to use them in Gimp and Inkscape, which aren’t Mac native of course, so that means my neato idea for a T-shirt design which includes some katakana is just a bit tougher to do. I expect I can find a work-around.

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