Stuffing update

My apricot, cherry and almond stuffing worked out well. If anything it slightly removed the need for cranberry sauce – the sour cherries have a similar fruity/sour thing going on, so you don’t really need both.

Today I shall mostly be making wild mushroom soup.

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To make the stuffing, I fried some chopped onion until it was soft and golden then let it cool down a bit before mixing it with sausagemeat, chopped dried apricots, dried sour cherries, chopped blanched almonds, a pinch of mixed spice and an egg just to help it hold together. I can’t give quantities because I just did it by eye. It was nice. But sour cherries have such a fabulous flavour they improve just about everything.

None of the people who ate the soup are dead. Yet.

I don’t really read crime novels, not for any particular reason – I just never got into the habit.

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