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Testers wanted!

I mentioned earlier that I thought it might be fun to enter a WordPress theme competition. Well, I’ve got a theme worked up that I’m thinking of entering. You can see it in action on my test blog here. As you can see, it’s a two-column variation on the Swifts theme with a different picture.

I’ve checked it on Firefox, Safari and IE for Mac, and they all look basically OK, but I haven’t checked it on Windows at all. So I’d be grateful if anyone using IE, Firefox or Opera on Windows could take a look and poke around, see if there’s anything you think might be wrong, and let me know. Cheers.

EDIT: well, I’ve just tried it on Opera for Mac, and it doesn’t work right. It’s startling how no two browsers seem to render the same bit of code in the same way.

EDIT: OK, I’ve sorted that out. Further comments still appreciated. If something looks wrong, it would help if you could give me a screenshot of it so I can see what the problem is.

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Cheers both. The shading is just a jpeg, so I guess that’s down to the individual computers.

Looks good in IE.

I have a high-resolution flat-screen monitor here at work and the shading looks really good on it.

My monitor at home is an old “cathode ray tube.” I’ll take a look on that.

Cheers Sherry. I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t look OK on any browser – especially since I’ve had my rather belated intellectual breakthrough about how CSS works – but on the other hand, the degree to which different set-ups display things differently is pretty startling.

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