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What the right phrase can do to your site traffic

what did materazzi say to zidane

what did materazzi say to zidane

I’d try to create this kind of googlebait on purpose if I thought that any of those hits were likely to become return visitors. As it is, it’s mainly going to eat my bandwidth (not that I’m in any danger of running out).

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Well done. I think the greatest number of people who come to my blog through Google are those searching for “Kitty Cat Dance”, although not in the numbers which you have just attracted! You can just never tell what people are going to go for.

Italian has a mind-boggling number of insults, some of which might sound really bad to our ears, but they don’t always sound quite as bad in Italian. I find it astonishing that Zidane reacted the way he did, whatever the insult. On the other hand he feel a bit sorry for him as he played really well and a moment of stupidity shouldn’t cancel all that out.

It sounds like he’s been greeted as a returning hero in France, so they’ve obviously not forgotten that he won them a World Cup and a European Championship, as well as being largely responsible for getting them to the final this time. It would take a lot to cancel that out.

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